Using the DPOS consensus mechanism to decentralize the structure, utilizing the share licensing proof mechanism to implement a technology-based democracy to offset the negative effects of the centralization, thus achieve a more secure performance experience.


Gold has a natural hedge function and currency attributes and excellent hedging attributes, and it is an ideal weapon to fight inflation. Due to the special social value of gold, all countries in the world have large amounts of gold reserves.


Significantly reduce the number of nodes which participate in verification and billing. With higher processing efficiency, it can achieve consensus verification in one second. The transaction frequency is up to 100-1000 pcs per second, which is faster.

Application Value

Anchoring gold-based physical assets in an absolute 1:1 ratio. The unique public chain technology is precisely applied in gold.
Offering trade measurement for digital assets, ensuring the replacement and application of gold assets in public chains.
Realizing the free conversion between digital assets and gold-based physical assets without depending on any legal tender.
Offering open source services of gold upper chain for global enterprises and organizations qualified for gold trading.
Offering risk-avoiding tools for digital assets, preventing them from drastic fluctuation and sharp severe oscillation.
Provide more options for value investors to achieve asset allocation security and diversification.

Team Introduction


Tiger Hu

  • Former director and general manager of U.S. First Credit Wealth Management China.
  • Former executive director of Evotech Capital.
  • He has participated in the investment in a number of enterprises, covering industries such as Internet applications, IT technologies, Internet of Things, insurance, investment banks, block chains, etc. Through combining innovative technology applications and industry demand opportunities, he shows his strategic thinking and vision and top-level design capabilities.
  • He has invested in reserve block chains, artificial intelligence and big data technology application platforms.

Jude Chan


Bachelor of Law of Wuhan University of Technology and a writer for The Road To Explore The IMF Reform.He has participated in the cornerstone investment in projects such as Ethereum, Quantum Chain, ADA, EOS, TrustNote, etc. and has also deployed big data, artificial intelligence, global net brain and other areas.He has rich experience in block chain technology research and project landing, and is dedicated to promoting the integration and application of block chain technology with gold.

Belle Lin


She graduated from Communication University of China and majored in business administration. While acting as an advisor to a well-known accounting firm, she established good channel relationships with several major banks and other financial institutions. She has a very comprehensive work experience in property management, fund management, investment integration, post-integration management, etc.She once served as the deputy general manager of risk control for a high-tech company, during which she established a business risk control system, managed the total funds and presided over the formulation of financial strategic plans concurrently for the company.

Himson Law

The Executive Director of Gold Pack

HSBC Bank Branch and Chief Executive Officer of KGI Securities .He is responsible for the professional operations such as resource integration, internal infrastructure construction, investment and capital management for multinational companies overseas and in Greater China. He has rich experience in leading the teams to perform market planning and Internet sales and promotion in the scope of banking industry, securities industry, cornerstone investment funds and internet finance.

Consultant Expert

Zou Jun

Chief Technical Expert

Doctor of Computer Science at Macquarie University, Australia, currently serves as a CTO at Haina Cloud, the deputy secretary-general of Zhongguancun Blockchain Alliance. Zou Jun’s research direction is blockchain supervision technology and blockchain consensus algorithm. He has published more than 20 papers in leading international conferences and journals; he is chief editor of the Blockchain Technical Guide which was published by Machinery Industry Press in 2016.

Allen Shao

Blockchain Technical Expert

TOGAF certified software architect, information security and management expert, currently an expert of technology project management in Asian Infrastructure Investment Banking. With more than 10 years of experience in the international financial technology industry, he is known as an active organizer and contributor to the open source technology community and a pioneer in the Internet of Things technology. He is also an explorer of blockchain technology and its commercial applications.

Zhu Zhigang

Senior Gold Analyst
President of Shenzhen Hengfu Yingjia

Senior investment analysis expert in gold industry, vice president of Guangdong Gold Association, China's first batch gold investment analyst certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Shanghai Gold Exchange Trader, Shanghai Huatong Platinum Silver market trader. With years of experience in companies of gold and silver mining, smelting and processing, he got unique insights on the gold market analysis.

Zhang Nan

China Certified Financial Analyst (CRFA)
President of Shenzhen Shengshi Gold

Senior Dean of Research Institute of Precious Metals and Financial Derivatives, China Registered Financial Analyst (CRFA), National Gold Investment Analyst, holder of senior manager certificate of Hong Kong Gold and Silver Industry Trading Center, qualification of Hong Kong stockholders of securities and futures and translator of Gold Collapse.

Distribution Rules of Digital Currency

GDW Market Planning

Presell 1 billion tokens to professional global block chain institutions, gradually release 1 billion tokens to Golden World DAPP and eco-developers, and reserve 1 billion tokens for operation and administration of the fund

Release 5 billion tokens to the world in the second stage after the launch of DAPP

The team holds 2 billion tokens

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